Missed Signals

Silent communication creates a problem for me. With eye rolls, winks, smirks, and winces appearing without a sound, I fail to notice some of them. Both visually and emotionally, I miss them.

Some of my friends dramatize conversations with exaggerated motion or speech. This allows me to grasp the mood of thoughts easier. In a less expressive conversation, I find myself at times wondering: is that comment a joke, a complaint, an afterthought, a conviction?

In response, do I risk a joke, act sympathetic, or just nod?

In hindsight, I realized how often we communicate silently. When those signals left my radar, I underestimated how crucial widening eyes or pursed lips were to understanding..

My focus follows words and tone rather than silent expression. Regrettably, I misread my husband’s sarcasm frequently. He tells me, “That was a joke,” when he sees I’m puzzled.

Eventually, I figured out one workaround for sarcasm. If I watch it on a big screen television, I might catch the subtly. Thanks to close-ups, low vision has not robbed me of my love for dry humor.


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