High heels symbolize a lot in America: fashion, status, and attractiveness.

But, I can’t wear ‘em. My low vision paired with heels feels risky. Before my eye issues, I couldn’t wear them for much longer than an hour anyway. Toes cramp. The back aches. Instead of maintaining a vibrant bloom, my posture sags into a wilted flower. Fail.

I’m into simplifying. What footwear looks neat and still gets me around? I choose flats for my feet.

Don’t get me wrong; I love shoes. But, I love happy footies more than I love the extra inches. I can watch reruns of Sex and the City as much as I want to get my wild shoe fix.  Sadly, SJP paid dearly for her stiletto habit. Ouch.

I’m not the most powerful-looking woman out there. Big deal. Flats offer me reliability, comfort, and cuteness. Yes, please!


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  1. Cmp says:

    Bring back flats! Safer, cuter and comfier!

    1. Cmp: Sounds good to me.

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