Low Vision Digital Resources {Part 1 of 3}

Dealing with vision loss can be overwhelming. I don’t have all the answers, but I have found some places that do a lot to inform and motivate someone with vision loss to connect with others and keep moving forward.

This week kicks off my series featuring three of my favorite digital resources about low vision.

First up, a well-known national organization that empowers people with vision loss: The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB).

Website: http://www.afb.org/

AFB’s site is the most comprehensive one for vision loss information that I have encountered. From news to ways to adjust to vision loss to finding local organizations to searching for jobs, it covers it all. Helpful forums, blogs, and newsletters keep the communication open. The site is updated regularly and easy to navigate. The many services it offers are broken down neatly into individual places like FamilyConnect and CareerConnect. To learn more about AFB, click here.

Look for Part 2 of the series next week here on Adventures in Low Vision.

Have you heard of the AFB? Share your thoughts about the AFB or any digital resource.


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