Throwing Stones

I’m walking my terrier. The sun shines on us as we go along, whisking away the last of winter finally. Punxsutawney Phil slipped up this year.

I gaze ahead, letting my white cane find the cracks in the roadside. A vehicle turns onto the street, but I’m too far away to recognize it. It stops. After a few seconds, I hear its engine rev. The car seems to move ahead a few feet, but stops again. The engine goes quiet.

I check my position. I’m hugging the edge of the road; I haven’t wandered into the center during my daydreaming. My dog’s ears point toward the car. I hear the motor start.

Maybe he’s lost, I think.

In thirty yards, I will be even with the car, which inches down the road toward me. Before I start to get wary, I see something fly from the driver’s side window onto a lawn. The car moves past me, hovering at the next property until another item lands in that yard, too.

I assume it’s the newspaper delivery service. My dog and I turn the corner and start home. We cross a driveway. I see something green in a plastic bag. I step over it. We cross another driveway with another bag, which the dog tries to sniff.

My curiosity gets the better of me. I pick up a bag. My dog paws at me to share, but I ignore him. I read bold, black lettering on neon paper: Landscaping Service. It’s a pamphlet and a rock encased in plastic. I drop the package and continue down the sidewalk.

I reach my driveway, noticing a familiar advertisement on the pavement. I pitch it into the trash as I shake my head.

I see irony here: a landscaper advertising services by littering. I admire creative approaches, but not this one. Hopefully, it’s a one-time spring canvassing. We shall see.

What do you think? Is this a good way to advertise?


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