Low Vision Digital Resources {Part 2 of 3}

Today, I’m continuing my series featuring three of my favorite digital resources about low vision here on Adventures in Low Vision. Going through the change of vision loss can be easier when you discover information from those who have the hang of it already; the learning curve shortens.

Using my ears saves my eyes from strain, and that is always a good thing. I listen to a number of podcasts for fun. Usually, there is an extended time frame to gain access to each file, allowing them to fit into my schedule. It’s my choice whether that’s ten minutes here and there or a block of time one afternoon. They wait for me.

I’m an NPR junkie; podcasts are abundant at NPR. But, I wanted to highlight a low vision one. This brings me to my second favorite digital resource:

SeroTalk Podcast Network (SPN)

Website: http://serotalk.com/

SPN creates podcasts about subjects like current events, technology, and expert interviews. The website offers recaps of the regular shows, like SeroTalk and SeroSpectives that SPN produces.

To listen to SPN, I downloaded the FREE iBlink Radio app from iTunes.

iBlink Radio provides “access to global radio stations, podcasts, and local and national reading services of special interest to the blind and vision-impaired.” This means not only do you get SPN’s quality programming, but you gain access to many other global stations out there offering programming.

The show from SPN that resonates the most with me is High Contrast, which focuses on people with low vision like me who live in that gray area between sighted and no sight.

Look for Part 3 of the series next week on the blog.

Do you listen to podcasts? What are you favorite programs?


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