Food Trucks

A confession: I love food trucks. I think it’s due to the nostalgic memories from state fairs with funnel cake and lemonade served from a trailer. The laid-back atmosphere appeals to me. Add on the foodie paradise that modern food trucks offer with trendy concoctions in portable portions, and I’m sold.

My husband and I found a good one last week. The event consisted of at least a dozen trucks: pulled pork BBQ, burgers, chicken and waffles, grilled cheese, cupcakes, tacos, burritos, soup, vegetarian fare, and more. No one would leave that place hungry.

We walk the two blocks from the parked car to the rally, smelling the scents of dinner.  Conversations volley around us; hundreds of people are here. People turn in every direction and start and stop erratically as they choose their food.

I stay focused until we stand close to a menu. It’s dark outside, so my husband reads the choices to me, skipping over things he knows I’m not into. He’s handy like that. For a few of the trucks, I scanned the menu online earlier, and he verifies if they are serving a particular item or I pass.

As we wait in line for some fried green tomatoes (with mango salsa, certified foodie), my husband touches me on the shoulder.

“Glance over to your left, dear,” he says, tipping his head nonchalantly to the side.

Before I turn, I hear a familiar sound. Tap, tap. Tap, tap.

Someone else with a cane!

To my surprise, I see not one person pass, but a small group of people who are using white canes.

I ask my husband to describe the people to me in case I know anyone. No one is familiar. I don’t approach and say something since I’m a perfect stranger, but I do enjoy seeing fellow cane users maneuvering with confidence.

“Fried green tomatoes!” a worker calls out our order, handing the bag to my husband. We dig in like Templetons, relishing the food as we do at these veritable smorgasbords on wheels.

Do you love food trucks? Tell me about your favorites.


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  1. Hello! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog so I could stop by yours. Food trucks are starting to become more popular again here in Australia too so we’re enjoying discovering them!

    1. Lucent: Thanks for stopping by and sharing the news from Australia!

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