Waving When No One is Watching

As a junior high bus rider, I rumbled by the same old man every morning. Out in his yard raking leaves, picking up his newspaper, or just watching life go by, it was the same scene: he would look up at the bus and wave as it rolled by. Some of us waved back. Some of the smart alecks from the back of the bus flicked him off. You win some. You lose some.

I miss the feeling of fleeting interactions. I discussed this before, with eye contact and  silent communication. When I walk my neighborhood, I like acknowledging the people I encounter.

I can’t always tell if the person is looking at me, or on the phone, or whatever. Fast moving cars stump me long enough to miss the best time to attempt a smile at the driver. My white cane makes this socially acceptable. It’s the obvious signal: I miss things.

Still, I attempt the engagement. I wave or smile regardless of the confidence about the other party looking my way.

I stand out in the yard, encouraging my dog to do his business when my neighbor drives by. I look up, and I wave as the car speeds past us. Did he see me? Who knows? I may have waved to a stranger.

If I catch the right moment only 50% of the time, oh well. But at some point, my wave connects, and the other person responds. I focus on the intent. Just like I used to wave back at the retiree on my bus ride to school, we make small connections every day.

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate the time you spend here. What connections did you make today?


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  1. This is definitely something I can relate to and have spoken about with loved ones. The thing is that some people don’t expect us to engage and don’t realise our little coping strategies to enable this. It makes for confusing moments for them, ha!!

    1. Lucent: You’re right. Some people do not expect the interaction. It amuses me to think my waving confuses them. 🙂

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