My White Cane

I use a white cane when walking. I completed Orientation and Mobility therapy, which allowed me to learn techniques to use my cane in the safest, most helpful ways.

With my cane, I can be more independent. I never questioned my need for one. Actually, I couldn’t wait to learn so I could stop stressing over things like stairs.

I chose my cane (Ultralite Graphic Folding Mobility Cane by Ambutech) because of some neat features:

  • Lightweight: I’m carrying it and moving it constantly when I’m walking around places. I prefer something light.
  • Reflective tape: This increases visibility, especially at night. If a car approaches, the headlights reflect off the cane, alerting the driver of my presence.
  • Collapsible: Have you every put up a camping tent with tension poles? It’s kind of the same thing. A nylon cord inside my cane provides tension that keeps the sections of my cane together. When I want to pack up my cane, I pull apart each section and fold it down, securing it together with a looped end of the cord.
  • Roller Hook Tip: It looks like a marshmallow, rolling along the ground as I move. This makes it easier for me to go over uneven terrain like abandoned sidewalks and bumpy backyards.

My white cane helps me out. Now, if only I could figure out a way to remember to grab my cane before I lock the front door on my way out of the house.


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  1. April Brown says:

    Last year I bought a regular wooden cane (I need it to get out of the car on cold days or long trips). I used to have it over my clothes rack, and forgot it half the time. Now I keep it by me desk, as I’ve nearly fallen a few times getting up. Could you attach you cane to your keychain? Even a braided loop you take off every time could help. Or leaned against the doorknob?

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