Brie, the Cheese of Friendship

As I spend more and more time with low vision, I notice some people are natural at looking out for others, and some people struggle. I don’t want, or need, unreasonable levels of help, but the occasional heads up is nice. Don’t we all look out for our friends?

I ate dinner with friends last week. I nibbled on some cheese and wine. Sophisticated, I know. Don’t ask me much about wine. Ask grapefriend instead.

So, as I’m eating, my friend next to me says quietly, “Hey, there’s still rind on the brie,” as she casually pointed toward my plate. The yellow-white brie blended in nicely on its white plate. It would be easy for me to miss its grayish skin, not much contrast there.

I’m not a fan of rind. I planned on cutting it away, but how nice was it that my friend reminded me about it? Almost like she knows I can get caught up in things, and ten seconds later I’m chewing on waxy crust. Instead, I chop that undesirable away.

To that friend and all of the thoughtful people out there who give kind reminders, thanks. You’re more than welcome to tell me when I have stuff in my teeth, too.



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  1. I am so grateful for friends like that. There is something precious about friends who not only accept every part of you but also embrace those parts and actively participate in them. I just had an experience like that with a girlfriend this morning. (P.S. I’m in my early 30s too so can relate regarding the child-bearing age issues!)

    1. Lucent: Thanks for stopping by for a chat. Good friends make the effort. I’m glad you have some of those kinds of friends, too.

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