All Five Senses

I like to savor moments in life. I don’t mind slowing down. The other day, I waited outside on a bench while my husband stepped inside a store. I let my senses absorb my environment as I sat there. I didn’t daydream; I focused on what happened around me.

I heard the scratch of my dog’s nails on the sidewalk as he shifted next to me. I felt the coolness of the breeze blow through my hair and the sun on my shoulders when the breeze wasn’t there.

I smelled the smoky BBQ on the grill down the way. A man walked by me with something in his arms, and I didn’t need my eyes to know what he held. I heard him push soda cans down into ice. People chatted to each other as they waited in the line. The man with the drinks passed me again, and he said hello. I smiled.

I enjoyed those minutes on the bench before my husband reappeared. Sometimes it’s more about living in the present than remembering the past or planning the future.


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  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and have nominated your blog for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. Check out the nomination and if you accept follow the instructions at the bottom of my post.

    1. Eye Can’t Hear You: Thanks for the nomination! You have a great blog.

  2. herheadache says:

    Living in the moment instead of remembering the past or planning for the future. Great advice. Love this. I do a lot of all three and try to not do more of one than the others, but I believe in balance. Great post.

    1. Balance, usually elusive, but when caught so rewarding.

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