Twisting Pretzels

I enjoy creating things in the kitchen so much that I call it “my office.” If you’re ever at my house, that’s why I have a photo of my husband and myself on the counter. It’s where the only housework I enjoy happens.

I bookmark favorite recipes from blogs I follow, and I check out cookbooks from the library. I love to learn tips from anyone who likes to share them. Luckily, my husband prefers similar tastes so it’s easy to find new ideas for kitchen projects.

We’re on a beer cheese kick right now. Beer cheese with pretzels: heaven. For anyone who does not know what beer cheese is, it’s the best cheese dip you will ever consume. It has beer in it. It originated in Kentucky. I do not doubt it’s snack-worthy genesis.

I’m searching for a good recipe. I tried this recipe, which tastes great, but is a little thin hours later. Send me a recipe if you make it.

I started baking my own soft pretzels because of beer cheese. I enjoy eating the pretzels, but oddly enough I enjoy making them even more. Who knew rolling and stretching and twisting dough in the air could be so fun?

The pretzels boil in a baking soda-water mixture before baking, which makes a bit of a mess, gurgling and spilling over my pot onto the cooktop. A flat cooking surface: no coils to clean later. Again, I’m no Martha Stewart.

Time to get back to searching for more great recipes to try out in my office. Share your favorite food blog or dish with me. It might become my new favorite.


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