Squint Wrinkles

I look young for my age. So does my sister; it must run in the family. I’m not complaining. I get told this frequently, so I know that’s how others see me. When I don’t get carded buying alcohol, I wonder to myself why the cashier skipped it.

Today, I apply moisturizer to my face. I stare into my bathroom mirror, leaning in close to make sure I rub in all of the lotion. Or attempt to catch any stray smears. One never assumes with low vision.

So I’m concentrating, squinting. As I scan my forehead, I freeze. I’m doing the Brian Williams eyebrows. I was not aware I could do that with my eyebrows.

My facial expressions have changed a little bit since my eyesight changed. My left eyebrow, like my left eye, used to be the dominant one, rising up when I inspected something. Now it looks like the right eyebrow tries to do the heavy lifting, but manages to bring up the left brow a bit, resulting in the news anchor expression thing.

I relax my facial muscles and notice the remnant of my squinting: wrinkles. I guess I’m getting to that time in life where some fine lines are starting. Wrinkles don’t bother me. It’s not like I can see them normally anyway. Maybe I will look like my age soon. Or like Brian Williams reporting something important.


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  1. Laughs when people fall says:

    I’d like to think of our wrinkles as laugh lines instead. Always a bunch when we get together . And yes, we are blessed to look so young! XO

    1. Laughs: I like laugh lines. Better than being botoxed and looking odd.

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