Independence & Disability

Independence is king in America. A threat to independence is a threat to self. What is the relationship of independence to power?

Some people view those who are able-bodied as holding more power than those who are not able-bodied. It shows up in our culture attitudes on disabilities: equality on the job reached by discrimination lawsuits, fear of impairment due to social stigmas, and perhaps even depression in those who gain impairments when misunderstandings on ability cloud fact and potential.

Is a person who requests assistance dependent or weak?

I don’t think asking for help is a weakness. In fact, it’s natural and makes sense to me. One person can’t cover all of his needs by himself. I don’t see others growing and cooking food, making money, staying healthy, and raising kids with no help. We are not made to do it all.

Americans value teams. Sports teams. Work teams. Families. Most people have no problem helping out another person when asked politely and with good reason.

So, why is it hard for me to ask for help sometimes? I know how it feels to be seen as “dependent.” That’s why I politely refuse certain offers of assistance when it’s not necessary. When I ask for the help I need, a funny thing happens; I receive the help I need.

I’m not weak for asking for help. I’m resourceful.

Who helped you out today?


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  1. nicolanoo says:

    I have Cerebral Palsy and it took me a long time to realise that in life we are inter-dependent rather tha independent. I thought that it dodn’t count if I didn’t do it alone, but now that I’m a bit older I realise that asking for help when I need it helps me to live my life as independently as possible in the long run.

    1. Nicolanoo: Great point. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Excellent job explaining why asking for help is not only ok it is beneficial. I would like to add helping others helps us feel better, makes us a bit more humble and grateful for our health and life.

    1. Donkey Whisperer Farm: Yes, asking for help has many benefits like you say. Thanks for adding your thoughts.

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