Bifocals or Progressives

I wear glasses. Which probably confuses some people who see my white cane first and my glasses second. Newsflash: not every cane user is fully blind. Actually, most visually impaired people have some form of sight whether it’s central, peripheral, or just light perception. It’s a gray area.

Anyway, I used to have progressive bifocals, but that wasn’t working for me. I spent too much time wondering if I was missing the sweet spot of the lens, or if I was just too sightless to see things. I decided to go back to traditional bifocals.

It’s a whole new world. Why didn’t I do this sooner? I’m more efficient with scanning things now. Whether you rock the white cane or not, if you struggle with the progressive lenses, consider going retro.

Let me know your preference. Do you wear glasses? Feel free to share your thoughts.


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  1. Yes, I do wear glasses, I am short-sighted, my parents are short-sighted as well, so when I was born, doctor already said I have a high chance to be short-sighted, even though I had a good sight back then. I’ve already forgotten how does those good old days looks like…ha Now, I prefer not to use it when I am in my room, that’s exhausting to wear it all the time,that stressed me out, my friends said I sounds like an old lady because I put it on and off when I was with them. The city I live in has an interesting trend, more than 80% of students wear glasses when they are 18, and the trend is students getting younger to give up their perfect eye-sight for glasses, thanks for those hi-tech gadgets we use every day!

    1. Littlebearpooky: 80%! An interesting trend for sure. Thanks for the comments.

  2. No glasses to help but love this post and rocking whatever is helpful is so great, I think! Love your newsflash … so true! Continual ‘education’ isn’t it!!

    1. Becky: Yes,it is! My immediate family consists of a lot of teachers. My white cane led me right into the family business.

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