I suit up, ready for the alarm. In a few seconds, I will leap into action. The risks don’t bother me; I’m protected. What protects me?

My extra-long oven mitts.

I’m standing over my oven, waiting for my tuna noodle casserole to finish baking up to gooey perfection. My timer beeps. I spring into coordinated movement, swinging open the oven door, sliding out the rack, removing the casserole from oven to countertop, and flipping the oven door shut with automatic ease.

I remove my mitts, stuffing them back into my kitchen drawer. My arms are bare and free of scars. There’s no tragic story about what led me to purchase these bad boys. It was a matter of simplification: as my depth perception weakened, it seemed wise to protect my skin since I cook a lot.

Even if you have perfect vision, these things are kinda fun to wear. I recommend them for any home cook without the calloused skin of a pro. Find your inner falconer, and suit up in some extra-long mitts.

How do you protect yourself when you cook? Are you going to buy some longer oven mitts?


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