Everybody in the Pool

My summers start on Memorial Day. It’s those nostalgic days at the swimming pool, or attending parades, or just my pale legs in shorts absorbing the heat of the sun finally after a long winter and a cool spring.

I spent my summers at the swimming pool growing up. The sound of splashing water and laughter intermixed with the smell of sunscreen and chlorine creates summer in my mind. I love swimming and floating around in water. It lifts my body and my spirits.

In the summer of 2011 with the last round of eye surgeries, my retina specialist ordered me not to go underwater. That bummed me out, but I still went to the beach that year and dipped my toes in the waves breaking on the sandy beach.

Friends from the Manayunk Beach Club heard about how I couldn’t go underwater. Instead of just saying that’s too bad, soon I heard through my sister that I was welcome to visit anytime and still use the pool. They had an orange life vest and some goggles ready and waiting for me. I laughed so hard I’m surprised I didn’t detach again.

May you be so lucky if you find yourself at the Manayunk Beach Club today. Here’s to another great summer.

How are you enjoying today?


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  1. ptat says:

    when did you have time to write this? and you can bring your suit next time.. i’ll have a floatie waiting…

    1. Ptat: I wrote it the other day and scheduled the post. Too much fun in SC to write there!

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