Carne Adovada

When the weather turns hot, my husband and I like to eat spicy foods. It seems counterintuitive, but it works. The drawback is having an oven on for hours, but cooking early in the day helps to lessen that hothouse feel.

This week, I cooked carne adovada, red chile braised pork. It will melt your face off if you put enough of those dry peppers in the marinade. For nontraditionalists, avocado and cheese tempers the heat a bit when it’s dinnertime.

Here’s my favorite recipe for carne adovada if you like southwestern food, or if you’re up for a spicy meal.

One tip: wear gloves. Pepper oil is unforgiving. If you get it near your nose or eyes, it will burn on like a trick birthday candle. You’ll think the pain is over, but the heat keeps coming back.

An unfortunate event a few years ago with jalapeño oil carelessly rubbed near my eye from inadequately washed hands taught me all I need to know. It’s funny to me now, but back then it hurt. A lot. Gloves, my friends, gloves.

Do you eat spicy foods? What are your favorites?


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  1. Chelle says:

    We make jalapeno relish every fall when it freezes with the green tomatoes and peppers. My boyfriend cut, seeded and diced jalapenos for hours while we canned. That night he slept on the couch with both hands soaking in a bowl of ice water. Gloves are a must. lol

    1. Chelle: Ouch! But the jalapeño relish sounds amazing. I would love a recipe for it. I have never canned anything though so I won’t be able to create a large batch.

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