The weekend taunts me on Friday mornings at the office. A few more hours to focus, and then freedom. House projects. Parties. Errands. Weekends are full of that.

When those are pushed aside, my favorite weekend activity stands alone. Sunday brunch: the best time to unwind and the best time to people watch. My husband and I tend to linger over our coffee. We chat and enjoy the slow pace of the morning.

Our impromptu company amuses us every time. We see a chef, wearing Hammer pants and talking tortillas; a picky diner quizzing the server on drink ingredients that are listed on the menu he holds but ignores; and a lady from the old folks development breezing by in a walker, heralding the joys of a walk and catered meals.

Will you be brunching it this weekend? No matter what you do, I hope you enjoy it.


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