I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

You do it everyday. You do it when you walk. You do it when you shop for groceries. You do it when you drive a car. Please don’t answer “what is talking on a cell phone.”

I’m talking about looking around, noticing, watching.  Most of us scan areas without thinking about it. This thoughtless but essential orientation task works until you don’t have the same vision you started out with.

When I adjusted to vision loss, my OT instructed me on simple changes. She reminded me that I needed to retrain myself to learn things that would turn into habits.

My favorite tip: looking all the way to the left. The left side is my blind side. Sometimes I forget that I’m not getting all the signals I need when I move around. To prevent collisions with people, walls, and mysteriously placed furniture, I make myself turn like I’m trying to pass my chin over my left shoulder. It works. Hearing the instructions from my OT reinforced the desire to form a habit of it, and I feel more confident in my surroundings.

Go ahead, and try it. But not so fast that people think you’re imitating that annoying Willow Smith song. That would be a bit much.


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  1. Denise says:

    Hello. I found your site on the way to finding a way to get my new blog out there about my own vision loss journey. My post today was about humor and how important an asset that is. I will visit your site often as I like your writing. My blog site is seeingdifferences.com
    Denise aka Deana Grace

    1. Denise: Thanks for connecting. I will check out your blog. Humor takes the edge off of difficult things for me, so I’m glad to hear you use it, too.

  2. Hee hee, my mum calls it swatting flies when I’m moving my head around trying to lock onto someone that has moved while I glanced away. It makes us all laugh.

    1. Lucent: That visual is hilarious.

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