Visiting the Library

I walk in stride with my mom down the path to the entrance. A shoe scuffs and footsteps slow behind me. I enter the library. I step to the side to let my eyes adjust to the change in light. It may only last a few seconds, but I notice  the rush of air as the follower passes me. I hear him shuffle books around in the Holds section.

I move into New Arrivals. Mom and I browse the stacks, illuminated by overhead fluorescent lights that hum. I select two books and head over to Checkout. The machine beeps in recognition when I scan my treasured library card. Patrons checking out titles at other queues create a song of efficiency. I complete my transaction and tear off the printed receipt.

I turn my head left, right, left, searching for passing people. I step into the flow of foot traffic towards the Exit sign. As we walk outside, I clutch my novels and focus on the path ahead.


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  1. Lisa says:

    ALV, you’ve just touched a soft spot in me. 🙂 Not only am I in danger of my retinas detaching – as I mentioned in another comment – according to my optometrist but I’m an unemployed librarian hitting the pavement hard looking for a job. Libraries and books… Love them, though I lost the job I had. Would you tell us what books you chose?

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lisa. I checked out Gone Girl and something I can’t remember! Wishing you perseverance with your job search.

  2. Snap! I’ve just downloaded Gone Gorl onto my ipad from Kinle books. Does your library have talking books?

    1. Yes and I check out most of my books for my kindle app or the 3M cloud app. Love that I can use VoiceOver with the Kindle app. Saves a bit of energy on the eyes. They also have Overdrive audiobooks. Let me know if you like Gone Girl.

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