Managing Light

I play with light. Sometimes, I add it. Sometimes, I take it away. My awareness of light variety skyrocketed once I gained low vision.  Light aids me one minute and badgers me the next.

My husband jokes about how I prefer to sleep in total darkness. I allow not a sliver of light through the blinds. Also, I prefer to work with the overhead lights turned low like I’m in a cave if I’m using something backlit like a computer.

I talked about tinted lenses before. Today, I’m talking about manipulating light to supplement low vision.

If too much light creates a problem such as light sensitivity, then I filter it by turning off lights or lowering the shades.

If not enough light creates a problem such as eye strain, then I add light by using task lighting that shines the light towards my object and never towards my eyes. Many people, low vision or not, use task lighting for writing and fine craftwork. It’s easy to find options at supply stores.

A simple fix adapts light levels. Start playing with light to find the best setting for you.


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