Lighting in the Kitchen

I work in an office. Those of you who read Adventures in Low Vision know my preferred office is at home. It’s where kitchen chemistry and my focused effort combine to create culinary feasts. Or, just snacks. It’s all good to me.

At times, my recipes require me to stand over the stove, stirring and watching my concoctions. Overhead lights shine down from the ceiling. To see better, I switch on the microwave light that shines directly onto the stovetop surface.

Sometimes, my recipes call for a lot of prep work, and the ceiling lights in the kitchen do not cut it. My vision needs to be bolstered with additional light for prep work at the counter. So, my husband offers his help; he installs under-the-cabinet track lighting. With one switch, I add extra light for as long as I need it. Thank you very much.

When squinting in doubt, add some light.

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