Keeping Up

I listen voraciously to public radio. Just like how I have been drawn to certain sports broadcasters, I love the voices of particular contributors on the programs my NPR station features. My current favorites: Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me’s Carl Kassel, This American Life’s Ira Glass, Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, and All Things Considered’s Audie Cornish.

I am committed. If the information is strong enough, I will fight through vocal issues. Diane Rehm of WAMU reels me in with her interviewing skills despite her deteriorating vocal condition.

I find radio news relies less on gimmicks and focuses more on content than the TV counterparts. The TV evening news in thirty minutes is not enough for me and that is why if I tune in on TV, it is for CBS Sunday Morning. It’s like a longread article in a magazine, talking in-depth about its subjects, but it is the exception on TV programming, so I listen to more radio than TV.

Radio is convenient, too. I don’t even have to listen on an actual radio anymore. I can live stream on my computer or listen to podcasts I subscribe to on my iPad.

Do you have a favorite radio program or personality?


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  1. Trisha says:

    Right now the only show I listen to is davidji – Live from the Sweetspot on Hay House Radio. Think more chakras and Sanskrit mantras and much, much less news….

    1. Trisha: Even the name sounds calming.

      1. Trisha says:

        I do keep up with what’s going on in the world though! My husband watches several news shows in the evening and I listen to them while doing other things.

        And I get what you’re saying about the voices. Davidji’s calming voice is the reason I make it a point to tune in on Wednesday afternoons. He could probably talk about something that didn’t interest me whatsoever and listening would still be an enjoyable experience.

      2. Trisha: Some people just have a great tone of voice. It’s like Morgan Freeman. He can be saying anything and it sounds cool.I will have to see if DavidJ has a podcast.

  2. johnmill79 says:

    I love Melissa Block of NPR’s All Things Considered, because it always sounds as if she’s smiling. Also really liking Rachel Martin as Weekend Edition Sunday host. I know NPR reporters so well I can often predict who has done a story by its title.

    1. John: I like those ladies, too. It DOES sound like Melissa is smiling.

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