A Passing Shower

Two things popped into my head. First: that’s great. Second: for you.

Of course I felt jealous as my friend mentioned he scheduled LASIK to correct his vision, but it rolled away like raindrops on windows. It didn’t last.

While I might envy vision corrections available to others, I celebrate those opportunities and wish for the best outcome as well. Seriously. What kind of friend holds joy hostage from another who deserves support or recognition?

I respect eyesight and know what it means to lose it. I’m well aware of the vision-saving measures available to me that I benefited from, as I should have been fully blind by age 23. Vitrectomies, photocoagulation, intraocular lenses, I know you want some. I appreciate what vision I maintain, focusing on what options I have instead of those I lack.

I saw my friend after his LASIK procedure. He was back to work and normal activities. He explained that his healing continued to go well except for a lingering glare issue, which was expected to resolve soon.

As I rode along in the car with him, I thought wow, someone who gets what it’s like to be sensitive to light. Right now. Even if it’s temporary.

That doesn’t happen too often to me. I smiled out the window. It felt like a kind of kinship, a nod on the sidewalk of two passing people caught in a rainfall before they reach separate destinations.


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