Up in Smoke

I oil my frying pan and turn on the induction burner. I combine the eggs, flour, milk, water, melted butter, and a pinch of salt in my worn mixing bowl.

I scoop out batter and pour it onto the hot surface, listening to the mixture sizzle as I rotate the pan to coat the bottom. My terrier sits near me on the kitchen floor, hopeful for a handout.

The rhythm of creation puts me in a groove. I make one crepe, then another, and another. My stack of crepes grows taller, filled with misshapen discs when the batter didn’t quite cover the bottom of the pan.

I hear the sound of my husband’s car pulling into the driveway and my terrier bounds for the door. “Hey,” my husband says as he walks into the kitchen, “It’s really smoky in here, like the smoke alarm might go off…”

I shrug and smile. We both know I can’t see much haziness with my glare issues. I flip on the range hood and thank my husband for the warning.

Kitchen Tip:
Always vent your cooking food, no matter what you prepare on the stovetop. Or, marry someone swell who reminds you to vent.


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  1. I have never been particularly good at cooking. I remember once, during what used to be called domestic science putting sugar in the fish cakes I was making rather than flour and being frightened to admit having done so to the teacher!

    1. Drewdog: Tough mix-up. We eat a lot of crab cakes here and sugar would not go over too well in them.

  2. Trisha says:

    It’s rather alarming how much smoke can fill the house before the smoke alarms go off. One of the times I burned up the tea kettle, the whole upstairs was filled with smoke and the alarms didn’t let out a peep.

    1. Trisha: That is disturbing!

  3. ptat says:

    you made crepes?! what did you put in them? tried that once and failed miserably.

    1. Ptat: my first attempt in the apartment days failed. I mastered oiling the pan and the heat level finally. Ham, Gruyere, Dijon for round one. Mozz, tomato, basil pesto for round two. Nom nom. It can be put on the menu for the next R/P/M visit.

      1. ptat says:

        sounds amazing!

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