Date It

A few days pass and leftover spoil. A few weeks pass and food turns to unidentifiable rock formations of mold. Cleaning out the fridge needs to happen. The night before trash day is the best time to do this sort and pitch, but as my husband knows, I don’t always remember to do it.

One trick to prevent scary things from growing in the fridge: date the items. I use a sharpie and scribble the date I open a jar or container of something perishable. I can’t read expiration dates without my magnifier, but I can read my sharpie dates in a flash. Not sure about that sour cream? No worries, check the date. Dating items saves me from wondering when did I open that? 

How do you keep your fridge free of food-zombies?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ptat says:

    did you pick that up from the parkview days?

    1. Ptat: Nope. Did anyone date things in our fridge? I only remember my amazing chore chart.

      1. ptat says:

        you don’t remember the mayo??

      2. That sounds tragic. no.

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