At the Start

Crossing a road or an entrance to a parking lot or even a driveway involves me focusing for correct information like many things in life for everyone.

For instance, the start of a swimming race. As the official says, “Take your mark,” competitors fold over at the waist, reaching to grip the hard edge of the block. Toned muscles tense, a circus of nerves, waiting for the brain’s signal to release, to push, to extend and streamline. No time to contemplate, only time to inhale and listen.

Soon, with a pull of the trigger or the press of a button, the starter’s signal will sound. Looking does not help. Sometimes, a body moves early, twitches from adrenaline. Consequences of a false start include irritation, embarrassment, wasted time, and at the elite level elimination from racing.

Navigating a perpendicular lane balances the safety of the sidewalk and the moment of movement. I’m unable to rewind if I chose the wrong second to go.

Where the sidewalk bends, I wait to hear the communication from the traffic flow: steady or halting, braking or turning. I pause for information like the swimmer on the block, poised, ready.

Have you false started?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Trisha says:

    Sometimes. Usually I hesitate just a second too long and miss my opportunity!

    1. And another op comes along eventually 🙂

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