Mittens vs Gloves

Everyone bundles up to go outside when it’s cold. Hats, winter coats, scarves. And, don’t forget something for your hands. Those cold, chapped hands are the worst.

Now that I need a white cane to travel around, I can’t get away with keeping my hands in my pockets. So will it be mittens or gloves?

I like mittens if I’m standing around. But, if I’m walking around outdoors for a while with varying surface levels, I need to go with gloves, sacrificing cuteness for functionality. Gloves allow me to maintain better cane control and sense the elevation changes, keeping up with the crowds rather than being bumped around. Gloves beat out mittens for me.

Maybe you figured out something else. How do you stay warm without sacrificing awareness?


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  1. Trisha says:

    I like gloves better than mittens too, although my hands usually have no heat to keep either warm.

      1. Not only team gloves but also team sheepskin gloves. They don’t slip when you hold things!

      2. I will have to try these, thanks Bridget!

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