A Desert in Mayberry

I struggle. I pause and breathe and try again, slow and steady. This time it works.

It’s getting harder for me to open my eyes when I wake up. Not from limited rest, but from the warm, dehydrating air rising from radiators, baseboard heaters, and pretty much any indoor heat source except my cat.

My eyes, dry like a stack of dishes in an Arizona cabinet, refuse to blink open in the first moments of the morning. I try to hold myself back from rubbing them. No good comes from that friction, minuscule corneal irritations lead to hours of pain, alleviated only by streams of moisturizing eye drops. Streams, readers, streams. I stock a bottle at home and a bottle at work to combat the arid eyeball conditions. I’m not messing around.

I pair the eye gel with other things. Steam from the shower loosens my parched lids. Drinking water helps, too. Do I need a humidifier? Maybe. Last year didn’t seem this harsh.

As I struggle to saturate, what do you do to soothe dry eyes?


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  1. Trisha says:

    I’ve been having trouble with dry eyes too. I’ve had to get up during the night to put in the gel. My ophthalmologist told me to take fish oil to help with the dry eye but I haven’t bought any yet. I’ll let you know if I stumble upon anything that helps.

    1. Thanks, Trisha! I would love to hear if fish oil does anything.

  2. That sounds miserable. I wonder if it would help to turn off the heating in the bedroom at night. Sometimes heating and air conditioning have an effect. Hope you get some relief. Trishas fish oil suggestion sounds good. It certainly helps with arthritis.

    1. I probably couldn’t deal well with no heat. I hope yours is fixed by now?! No A/C in the summer, I can manage that. It does affect eyes, you’re right.

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