Taster’s Choice

I don’t want to scare anyone. There could be strong reactions, troubling thoughts, intermittent nightmares after reading this. Everyone loves food, but favorite foods aren’t universal. Foods I love, you think are disgusting. Foods you obsess over, I hate. Taste preferences determine favorites. But cravings–those campaigns of flavor–they’re different from favorite foods. You don’t pick a craving; it overtakes you.

I notice pregnant ladies desire interesting meals, creating combinations that satisfy a taste, but perhaps satisfy some mineral or vitamin need, too. Our bodies urge us to eat certain foods at times because we require more iron or Vitamin C or whatever. Or, we’re ill and the hankerings are out of control like a person with untreated diabetes in a bakery. Back away from the cronuts, no sudden movements, pal.

So where does my love for liverwurst come from? Left field, I know. While I can’t handle eating liver and onions, spread up some liverwurst on bread, maybe add some cheese and I’m snacking happily. It’s an odd food, liverwurst. A tube of soft meat product. Very divisive, you either enjoy it or it repels you from the kitchen, no thoughts of hunger.

Did I lose you? Come back. I Nancy Drew-ed it. I figured out this liverwurst thing after I read the nutritional label. Plenty of fats, protein, iron. All expected, but I noticed a high amount of Vitamin A. (For those unaware, Vitamin A is good for eyes.) And it made sense to me. Liverwurst is a boost, a way to nourish my eyes without squirting eye drops in them or swallowing supplements. It’s not a staple in my cart like peanut butter or herbal tea or yogurt; I buy it a few times a year at the deli, a random prize of craving.

Does anyone else eat liverwurst? What are your food cravings?


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Another reason we became fast friends! This is on the menu next time we get together. Love Liverwurst… potato roll, spicy brown mustard, maybe some sliced onion. Oh my, I am going to the store now must have some!!

    1. Sounds like a plan, birthday buddy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love liverworst too! Who hooked us on it? Big G or Little C?

      1. Anonymous says:

        You didn’t get my bad joke…”liverworst” most people would think of it that way

      2. Didn’t catch the spelling, darn low vision.

      3. Anonymous says:

        So, I asked the rents and our love of liverwurst comes from Big G!

      4. Lies. Mom always said Gpa liked it and she ate it, too. Very confused.

  3. LOVE liverwurst. Absolutely love it.

    1. So maybe if you like terriers, you also like liverwurst…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Liverwurst – never tasted it but sometimes I crave Limburger
    cheese – however, it is too stinky to bring into the house.

    1. Funny, I don’t think I ate Limburger cheese before.

  5. Trisha says:

    I’ve never eaten Liverwurst! I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen it before so I don’t really know what it is, aside from it most likely containing liver. I don’t even recall having ever seen it in the store! I have, however, developed a new, occasional craving for parsnips. I bought some today, just because.

  6. Crazy Uncle Bill says:

    Today you touched on a subject near and dear to my hart. Liverwurst and the haunting acquired taste for a food that is really bad for you. It is high in calories high in fat high and high in cholesterol. The food experts can’t find anything redeemable in liverwurst but like many bad foods, bacon included, liverwurst taste great.
    If you love the taste of liverwurst expand your horizons. Step beyond Oscar Meyer’s Braunschweiger and taste the bigger world of liver pâté. After sampling the liver pâté from chefs around the world what will your favorite be pâté de foie gras from a fine french chef or will it be Oscar Meyer?

    1. Uncle Bill with the fancy comment! Stop by more often. I tasted foie gras in Chicago, I swear I felt my blood cholesterol levels spike, too rich for me. How does it compare to pâté?

      I eat Hartmann’s liverwurst from Wegmans when I’m unable to get the nostalgic Kunzler from Lancaster. I suffer through it.

  7. I too am a fan of liverwurst, but as far as cravings go, I have craved some odd combinations, such as chocolate covered bacon ( a little slice of heaven if you ask me ). I also find myself craving olives for some reason… maybe its the martini they are usually in… or perhaps not… who’s to say.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Interesting. Sounds like a lot of salty foods. My husband loves pickles, olives, etc and I think it can be his body needed to rebalance electrolytes after long bike rides.

      1. Pickles and olives are always at the top of my craving list, especially in the summer. I have no idea why, just seems to work that way.

  8. bethfinke says:

    We ate “liver sausage” sandwiches a lot when I was growing up — haven’t had one in a long time, but yor post makes me, ahem, crave one.

    1. I’m surprised, the liverwurst fan club is quite strong.

  9. I love liverworts (according to my autocorrect). Ahem, I love liverwurst! For me, the love makes sense for iron…and the rich, rich taste.

    1. Empty Pen: Thanks for popping by. Autocorrect butchers liverwurst.

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