Wrapping It Up

The holiday season ushers in the year’s end with events and feasts and fun things like traffic jams. With plenty to do, I’m taking a short break from the blog to celebrate as well as prepare for things to come. Fear not–I’ll return in January. Can’t stop, won’t stop writing.

In the meantime, please visit me in the Comments or send a direct message from the {About Me} page to let me know why you read Adventures in Low Vision, what do you find interesting, etc. I write the posts with you in mind.

Thanks & Happy Holidays,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy holidays Susan! Hope to share some holiday eggnog with you

  2. I enjoy all the helpful insight posts. I shared one yesterday on Twitter and Facebook that really touched what I have been feeling lately.

    I was excited by a new lamp last night. With a 150 watt bulb – what looked like rubbed out pencil marks on the page became readable text! My vision field is tiny, but I could could see to read without straining my eye!

    I wish the government would stay out of the lighting business! A 40 watt bulb is barely a nightlight, and no one should be trying to read by such. They really need to bring back the fully 100 watt bulbs if they don’t want 80% of the population legally blind in five years. If I wanted to read by candle light, I’d light candle, trip on a dust mote, and set the house on fire.

    1. House fires are so not festive! Thanks for reading and sharing, April!

    2. I absolutely agree about the energy saving light bulbs. It infuriates me. Worse still are lights on timed switches which leave me unable to find my way at all. Now they have started cutting down on street lighting here in the UK. It’s all a question of priorities. Anyway, happy Christmas to anyone who reads this!

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