Sweater Weather

I don’t select it quickly. I consider the weather, my day’s activities, and my tactile preferences. I might want to wear a particular pair of jeans or a specific skirt that day and I dismiss certain top options for other possibilities that coordinate better. Selecting an outfit is complex.

There are days when I pull shirts and sweaters over my head enough times that my hair turns static. Zap, zap as I remove another rejected item.

I finally choose an outfit, find a belt, locate my shoes. I don’t think of my cardigan anymore as I move on to breakfast or to hustling the dog outside to do his business. Some days I don’t even glance or touch my sweater again all day–between bathroom visits and copy machine waits and lunch, I am thinking about other things.

Then I encounter one of my Stocktons. And I’m informed that there’s something I’ve missed. It’s understandable, my low vision obscures these things from time to time. But when a hole appears in my sweater–and I go around all day like that–I feel foolish. I wonder: are others oblivious or too uncomfortable to let me know? I’m grateful for my Stocktons, my second eyes.

Fashion tip: Hold up clothing to a light source to help scan for holes or stains. In addition, thank friends who kindly, privately let you know when you miss clothing issues. At the end of the day, if a problem was missed, low vision is a great excuse.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Susan…..the same thing often happens to me…..it’s OLD eyes that it happens to also!

  2. Trisha says:

    Don’t feel bad, sweaters deteriorate rapidly sometimes. And I walked around the mall with my shirt inside out once. I sure wish I would have had a Stockton with me that day!

    1. Sweaters DO seem to deteriorate faster these days. Thanks, Trisha.

  3. For me, the worst is toothpaste. When I clean my teeth during the day it is sure to find its way onto my top and escape my notice. No amount of friendly comments can get ridbofnit. Why don’t I learn to be more careful!

    1. Yes, toothpaste is a trouble maker.

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