Coffee Talk

The hum of conversations greet us as we shuffle inside. My eyes adjust easily to the warmly lit interior. Baking bread, brewing coffee, and the bustle of the popular eatery fills the space around us. A host leads our group across the wood floor to an open table. My niece and nephew get middle seats, the rest of the family fills in around them. Menus open, newborn eyes close.

Friendly service makes us feel welcome. We place our orders and settle in. My coffee cup appears to be enchanted by a refilling charm under the server’s watchful eye. My niece giggles as she chooses a crayon to color her morning artwork, sampling strawberry jam between doodles.

Plates piled high with breakfast delights arrive. The smooth coffee washes down forkfuls of savory omelets and buttery toast and light pancakes, the brightness of blueberries in every bite. Nom, nom.

Stories weave themselves within the progress of the meal as we share smiles, not only food, between us. Laughter rolls around the table.

Napkins dab at the crumbs. Another toddler potty break, one last cup of coffee. The server brings the check. Breakfast might be over, but the family connections will last.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is not much that compares to the moments shared over breakfast and the first cup of coffee. Time for breakfast at the Salaunga Diner with Cappy!

  2. kdub155 says:

    Very nice descriptive scene. Thanks for sharing, you’ve captured it with eloquence

    1. Thanks. Family and brunch at Zaftigs: two of my favorite things.

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