Taking a Moment

It happens fast.

You find yourself passing over the white line.
Buckling the seatbelt on an airplane.
Serving up a meal for your family.
Listening to orientation instructions at college.
Welcoming a life into the world.
Receiving new hire paperwork in a conference room.
Accepting an award recognizing your achievement.

Note the moment; savor the feat. Do you take the seconds to look back, calculating how far you’ve come? Do you reflect on what’s ahead? Do you see the progress?

This week marks my one year anniversary writing Adventures in Low Vision. This milestone, it’s significant to me, but I’m the kind of person who finds it important and necessary to mind the moments–however fleeting–that signify the change one works toward in life.

I’m a big softie for milestones. I devour the stories of the Olympics. The joy and anguish and relief on the faces of the Olympians symbolizes the great striving we all do, everyday. Sometimes there’s a medal to accept. Sometimes we fail, we fall short, but arriving on the playing field can mean more than outlasting everyone else.

Do you take the moment–quietly or otherwise–to realize how far you travel, what you accomplish, how much meaning you create?


Editor’s Note: Starting this week, new blog posts will be released every Monday and Thursday.


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  1. Joy says:

    Yes, life does happen fast. There’s a great Ann Lamott quote that talks about savoring life or it will pass by in about 7 weeks! It’s so true. I think most of us just do this every New Year’s, if at all. Congrats on your one-year anniversary! You’re so great at posting consistently and have such a great variety of topics! Keep it up!

    1. She wrote Bird by Bird didn’t she? Thanks for reading and noticing my consistent posting, Joy. You know there will be more to come–I’m enjoying this too much to quit.

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