A Moment In the Morning

I fasten the leash onto my terrier’s collar. We step outside and along the porch and down the brick stairs. The icy slush is disappearing. From all directions, the crackle of melting snow reaches my ears. Water pours down the drain spouts. Birds sing and tweet and caw across the neighborhood to each other. Cars drive past, engines humming, tires rolling through puddles. Splash.

We walk down the driveway in search of a patch of grass. Sniff, sniff my terrier works the perimeter. The warmth of sunlight hits my back as I stand next to my dog. In the distance, I hear another dog bark. I imagine the daffodil bulbs in the soil ready to grow and shoot up through the earth in the coming weeks. The air smells clean.

Is it springtime yet? It sure feels like it.


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