Walk This Way

As winter gives way to spring, I assume I’m not the only one who encounters interesting things as I walk to my destinations. Here are some tips for traveling in the springtime:

  • Check messages. I check my email in the morning as I signed up for alerts about local bus delays and detours. If I’m not riding the bus today because I’m getting a ride, has my friend called? Also, who will notice if I’m running late? Keep those who care informed of changes.
  • Check the weather. Wind, rain, and sun all bring assorted issues. My travel usually involves more than riding around in the bubble of a car and traversing a parking lot before I’m protected from the elements again. Before I leave, I check the weather report.
  • Use protective gear. My hat bumps into low hanging objects rather than my head. Sunglasses shield my eyes from glare and sharp branches. A coat and umbrella repel the wind and the rain.
  • Beware of obstacles. Spring means growth upward and outward–right into the walking path. Unless I’m wandering through The Secret Garden, I don’t want rose bushes in my face or vines at my feet. Low hanging branches, wayward shrubs, or a pile of dog poop can cause problems. Fallen trees could tangle with power lines. A shortcut might involve a nasty surprise, so I stick to known routes.
  • Ask for help. Kindly asking a neighbor to trim back shrubbery that impedes the sidewalk or tend to low hanging branches is an option to consider. Maybe they aren’t aware of the problem.

What makes your travels easier? Let me know.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    For my work, I walk a lot and take public transportation in the city of Philadelphia. Umbrellas don’t work. So, I invested in a mid-calf length raincoat from LL Bean. The raincoat has a nice hood with a visor which keeps the rain off my glasses. I also bought some water proof casual work shoes to help keep my feet dry.

    1. Great comments. A hood with a visor? Genius. LL Bean always thinks of those details.

  2. Trisha says:

    What I need is a pair of waterproof athletic shoes. It’s very muddy here right now but I’m sick of my heavy, clunky hiking shoes. The mesh that is popular for athletic shoes is just ridiculous, at least here in the Pacific Northwest. Checking weather reports is pretty important here too. March is probably our moodiest weather month.

    1. You’re right about that useless mesh, Trisha!

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