Full S. Mattress 2002 – 2014

Full S. Mattress, beloved bed, has passed away from natural causes. It was born in the college neighborhood of South Oakland in Pittsburgh, PA. Arriving before the first retinal surgery, it provided countless days of rest and recovery for its owner, Susan, since 2003. It moved around a few times before settling outside of Baltimore, MD where it welcomed Stockton to the family. It worked alongside many pillows, sheets, and featherbeds. Friends remember Mattress as reliable and supportive, always serving others in their time of sleep need.

Mattress provided shelter, to the chagrin of its owners, between the box spring and the plastic layer like an indoor hammock for the family’s tuxedo cat. Its corners stood in as a scratching post for the housecat, too. It provided endless support to its occupants, including the terrier, while on active duty. After many years, when it started to express the Hot Dog Roll formation, it decided to retire to a more grounded location. A Serta was promoted in Full Mattress’s honor and serves proudly in its memory.

Full Mattress is survived by a bed frame and a matching bedroom furniture set, two cotton sheet sets, one flannel sheet set, one duvet, and four pillows. In lieu of linens, please consider a Serta for your family in times of sleep grief. As Full Mattress believed, sheets come and go, but bad dreams and backaches can last forever. Sleep well.


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  1. I have owned my bed, a self assembly pine construction from Argos for about 21 years. I am now on my second matress which cost more than the bed! May your old matress rest in peace!

    1. Thanks for your condolences, haha.

  2. My deepest condolences to you but Full S. Mattress is now resty peacefully in a better place.

    1. Thank you Stephanae for your kind words.

  3. Casee says:

    Your mattress served you well! I prefer to sleep in a recliner. It started years ago after a surgery when I couldn’t lay down and then became a choice. I will sleep in a bed when necessary but it is no longer as comfortable to me as a recliner. It does save me from having to replace my mattress but I have had more than a few recliners so it has probably evened out financially.

    1. What do I miss when I travel? My own mattress! I love your eulogy and wish you all the best for your new mattress. Sleep well!

      1. Traveling is great, but there’s always a time when I start to miss my own bed. Thanks, Bridget.

    2. Which recliner was/is the most comfortable?

      1. Casee says:

        I’ve had various brands but Lazy-Boy is one of the best. It is worth it to pay for the best construction that you can afford. Leather is better than the fabric ones for sleeping. I don’t care how careful you are the fabric frays. I have noticed over the years that I have much fewer sinus headaches sleeping with my head in an upward position. I love that it is now possible to get recliners that fit a woman’s frame. The don’t have to take over the entire room nowadays.

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