Banana Muffins

I buy bananas. Days later, I should be working through them. If not, I’ll be gifted some overripe fruit by the kitchen gods. When I catch sight of a brown bunch, the smell of the sugared flesh is strong and I hope for no fruit flies–the low vision keeps me from catching those nuisances easily. Ew.

Last week I received a heavenly present of three bananas close to decay. I frowned and hopped on it to fix the problem. A quick scan of my bookmarked recipes yielded an answer. I pulled together a few ingredients and lined up my mixing bowls–one for dry stuff, one for wet stuff, and a small one for preparing the fruit.

I fished in my utensil drawer for my pastry blender, rattling past items until I felt the cool metal tines. I peeled and mashed my bananas smooth. I sifted my dry ingredients into a bowl and stirred my wet ingredients together in another, then gently folded, without over mixing, the dry into the wet. I finished the batter with a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg, a touch of vanilla extract for depth.

I scooped batter into muffin pans and popped it into my preheated oven, waiting for the best part: the welcoming aroma of the banana muffins baking. The lumps of batter turned into browned muffins. The scent filled the kitchen air and lifted my mood.

Have you cooked up anything lately? Tell me about it.


Recipe inspired by Banana Muffins II



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  1. Susan, I can smell them from here! Yum! I am not now nor ever have been domesticated but this summer we had a family get together at my house so I decided to cook a full blown sit down dinner for 5 adults and three children. Big fat organic sausages from our local butcher…pork, apple and leek, pork and ginger, pork and chestnut, venison, baby jersey potatoes, baby carrots, French beans, herb salad, balsamic vinegar dressing, lashings of gravy. Good French claret. Very traditional and great fun. Sorry, but I bought the desserts.

    1. Sounds delicious Bridget. And with all the effort on the meal, who can fault you for buying desser–I would buy it, too.

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