If J. Crew Sold My White Cane


White cane leaning against a brick wall————————–PRODUCT DETAILS————————–

The little black dress of mobility, it goes everywhere and anywhere you do, a true traffic stopper. Sleek, lightweight. Folds down to fit neatly in your favorite leather handbag. Reflective tape enhances the profile. Finished with a pop of crimson at the bottom like your old favorite high heels. Crafted for us by Canadian manufacturer AmbuTech, renowned for its mobility products.




  • Available in regular, petite and tall sizes.
  • Graphite/aluminum ferrules/nylon/plastic.
  • Imported.

COLORS: sands of bora bora, fresh subway tile.



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  1. Chelle says:

    I watched a man use a cane this morning crossing the street and then running it along the curb, the driveway to the 7 Eleven and down the sidewalk while carrying a brief case. I admired his skill and courage. When he crossed the driveway to the busy store, I held my breath. How does he know if a car is coming or not? That would freak me out and make me wary….but oh yeah, he can probably hear a lot better than I do.
    Walking along streets hearing the roar of traffic I often miss what’s coming right behind me. More than a few times whoever I’m walking with jerked me to the side or back to let a car go by.

    1. I admire that mans white cane skills.
      Yes, hearing brings a lot of information to my ears about the traffic around me. I hate walking neR construction areas or buildings with loud sounds like blaring music because it takes the extra awareness away from me.

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