Endless Cups of Coffee

You’re either a rewatcher or not. I’m one, but I’m a selective one. I buy movies and seek out TV programs if they entertain me every time I tune in. I can’t say my DVD collection–with the likes of Mean Girls, Gladiator, Love Actually–is a status symbol, more like a shortcut to my sense of humor and interests. I’m no film buff.

Rescreening movies is entertaining, but there’s something addictive about rewatching a favorite show, a TV marathon. Growing up, minor holidays became an excuse to catch Law & Order back-to-backs on cable TV. Now, we’re a Netflix/digital antenna family, No cable at our house in Mayberry, so not too many reruns. Stockton and I tried The Walking Dead despite a lack of zombie interest (unless we’re talking Shawn of the Dead.) Episode after suspenseful episode, it hooked us. Finally, the godfather of all TV shows to watch in succession? Breaking Bad.

Then there’s catching a random episode of beloved shows like The Cosby Show or The Wonder Years. Reruns let me retreat into nostalgia, the comfort food of TV. What is my mac and cheese on the small screen? Gilmore Girls. It always made me smile, wrapped me up in snappy dialogue and a touch of aspirational fashion sense. I casually watched it, missed a few seasons finishing college, undergoing surgeries, working. I didn’t visit Stars Hollow every week, but kept the show around for entertainment and escape. Low vision doesn’t take that desire away.

Last week, Gilmore Girls returned to my radar via the release of all seven seasons on Netflix. This rewatcher took notice. I nodded my head when I heard things like, “the Gilmore Girls on Netflix is more important than the iPhone 6 release. There, I said it.” Agreed.

Gilmore Girls portrait featuring Lorelai and Rory Girls portrait featuring Lorelai and Rory

I wish we could walk to Luke’s diner to chat over coffee. The blog will have to do. And I get it, not everyone is a fan. One of my friends says Lorelai is annoying. I see what she means, a bit stagey/dramatic, but it all fits into the mother/daughter dynamic, to complement the intense/curious Rory. It doesn’t hurt that my longest friendship happens to be with a clever, alternative music listening, sincere second generation American like Lane. Or that my sister and I have moments of Lorelai or Rory. She’s caring and protective and fashionable. My nose is stuck in eBooks all the time and I love my argyle sweaters. We both like coffee and are fiercely loyal, but get distracted. Did I mention we like pop tarts, too? Enough said.

Why do I love Gilmore Girls? It doesn’t depress me, it lightens my mood, reminds me that the relationships in my life are always more important than the things. Besides, rewatching episodes as the leaves turn colors is fitting, autumn revving up like the next chapter for the ladies. It’s perfect timing for a few more visits to Stars Hollow. If only they would make a Gilmore Girls movie…

What do you think about Gilmore Girls? Have you watched any TV series marathons? Which show do you wish was available to consume en masse? Tell me about it.


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  1. herheadache says:

    I was bummed when it it me that here in Canada Gilmore Girls is not yet on NetFlix like it is there. I hate that. I love that show too. Sure, some of the characters are a bit annoying, but it was something I had never before seen on television. It is witty and snappy dialogue and I love all the literary references too. I have many memories tied to the show and just hope Canada won’t be too far behind.

    1. I had no idea Canada was on a different release schedule than the US, bummer. Well, as you know, worth the wait.

  2. Modwyn says:

    Oh yes for rewatching! Netflix recently destroyed my rewatching joys by removing several of the eleven seasons of Frasier, which I could rewatch endlessly. I also love Are You Being Served and The Golden Girls.

    1. It’s a sad day when Netflix ends a run of a favorite. Can’t go wrong with The Golden Girls, that’s a fav of mine, too.

  3. Casee says:

    I never got into the Gilmore Girls but I love to watch reruns of Supernatural and the movie that I will watch every single time it comes on is Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. If it is on I have to stop what I’m doing and watch until the end. Of course that has gotten me in trouble with the family on more than one occasion but I just love that movie!

    1. Rewatching Groundhog Day, you get the award for the most ironic answer. That’s a good movie.

      1. Casee says:

        I didn’t catch the irony at first but it works for me! 🙂

  4. Trisha says:

    I’m just going to have to get Netflix! The Gilmore Girls is one of those series that I wished I’d watched from the beginning. I only caught a few episodes near the end and regretted missing the rest.

    I’m like you, a selective re-watcher. I never watch a re-run played during a show’s season but love catching marathons. I just finished watching The Walking Dead marathon that aired over the fourth of July. I’m so excited for the new season to start!

    And thank you for giving me one more reason to get Netflix! 🙂

    1. Haha, at $8/month, it’s worth it for even one show’s marathon. The Walking Dead is perfect this time of year.

  5. Great blog. Netflix must be the answer to those American series I can’t get. From my side of the Atlantic try Last Tango in Halifax which was on BBC1. I stayed up all night catching up on that one! If you can manage subtitles (which I can’t any longer) there’s the sexy Sicilian Detective Montalbano and the interesting Danish series Borgen. Granddaughter aged 11 is huge fan of Friends and grandson cult follower of Breaking Bad on DVD. Thanks for your ideas.

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