Give Your Mechanoreceptors a Whirl

I’m missing something. That’s what goes through my mind as I’m cleaning counters and dishes and floors. So, I use the grid method to minimize the issue. When I’m finished cleaning, I ask Stockton with his laser vision to take a look, too. It’s great to have a backup option.

Even better, I have insurance on my insurance, another method to try, and you do, too: the sense of touch. My skin notices more than my eyes–with or without low vision–because it’s designed that way. Skin contains mechanoreceptors, sensory cells of the nervous system which respond to touch and pressure. When I let my fingers do the checking instead of my eyes, they find crumbs, grit, cat hair. With every touch my skin layers must be bursting with neural activity, electrical impulses firing away. When I feel a change in texture, smooth to rough, I know I’m not done cleaning yet. That pot earns another scrub, that shelf another wipe. Until the surface feels consistent, I’m not satisfied.

Are you missing something? Put those mechanoreceptors to work. Their sensitivity might surprise you. Tell me how your sense of touch helped you out this week.


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