Halloween Costumes

Halloween approaches. Everyone loves a timely, seasonal post right? More like everyone wants a distraction from the stresses of work and life, especially when it offers an excuse to dress up and/or ingest alcohol or caffeine or candy. So, push your pile of TPS reports aside and indulge.

A great Halloween costume can be complex and sophisticated, taking hours to make or it can be simple. I’m partial to the ones people figure out without obscure culture references. Like my kindergarten schoolmate who wore a yellow hooded sweatshirt and fit a yellow cardboard box with bold lettering over himself, becoming a box of Cheerios for our Halloween parade circa 1987. Perfect.

While Stockton and I will miss out on Halloween parties this year due to some other fun events, that doesn’t stop me from thinking up creative costume ideas. The best costumes of course would incorporate the white cane, such as these:

  • Wear a fishing vest, cargo shorts and flip-flops. Attach some random bulk to the end of my cane and slide on a pair of earmuffs. I’m ready to detect some metal. Added bonus, I stay in character and refuse to talk to annoying people.
  • Put on outdoor work clothes and hard hat. Fit a bright, diamond-shaped sign over top of cane, one side says STOP, one side says SLOW. This construction site flag person costume doubles at the keg as binge-drinking monitor.
  • Any pro golfer. John Daley is my favorite. Fit foil on the end of my cane, wear a polo shirt, loud pants, carry a diet Coke and a fake box of Marlboros. Oh, even better, same trick with the foiled cane, but switch to a sleek outfit, some oversized shades and straightened hair. Let me near an SUV so I can mime swinging the club to its window. Voila, Elin Nordegren. I’m on a roll.

Will you be handing out candy or going to a Halloween party this year? Which costumes have been your favorites? Tell me about it.


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