St. Valentine’s Day–a holiday much maligned for its packaged chocolates commerciality rather than its authenticity–is over. While the day can add obligations in relationships, I want to remind you it doesn’t have to be all bad. It can be meaningful.

I’d like to remind you: I appreciate you, one of the many readers of Adventures in Low Vision. Your voice matters. Your support encourages me to keep this blog going, in fact for two years as of today. Two!

Thank you.

I hope the blog entertains, educates, and maybe even provides an escape like a coffee break for you a couple of times a week.

As Adventures in Low Vision launches into Year Three, won’t you spread the word? Who do you think would benefit from discovering this corner of the web? Recommend the blog on social media or e-mail or text or in person. I value recommendations from my friends and family, it’s a trusted way to find out about stuff. Share why an interesting person like you likes to spend time reading dispatches from Low Vision Land.

New readers can bookmark Adventures in Low Vision. On the sidebar they can subscribe by e-mail and follow it on Facebook or twitter, too. We want even more interesting people around these parts, don’t we? How about a kite enthusiast from Chicago? A pickling king from Austin? An amateur fashion designer from London? Sighted or visually impaired, all are welcome here. Let’s make it happen by word of mouth.

Thanks for reading and being a part of the meaningful Adventures in Low Vision community. From my perspective, it’s been a great two years. I’m looking forward to learning and enjoying even more.


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  1. floridaborne says:

    My 2 year mark was in September. I went into blogging with a lot of help (i.e. I was kicking and screaming). Now I can’t imagine life without blogging.

    Continue posting about life, the world, and how you see it. With 7 billion people on the planet there have to be a few thousand who will find your sight….I mean, site. 🙂

    1. Very true! Congrats on your two years of blogging over at Two on a Rant.

  2. Casee says:

    I thank you for your wonderful blog and I thank you for taking the time to share your humor and bits of your daily life with us. I truly enjoy checking my email and seeing that another post is up. Congratulations on your anniversary and may your blog give you as much joy as it does to those of us out here!

    1. Thanks a bunch Casee. You know I will keep writing away.

  3. Congratulations Susan!!

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