Visor – Low Vision App Review

Before I leave the Mayberry Compound, I dig through my bag past everything else to make sure I have it. Without it, there will be much squinting and guessing and mostly likely giving up on reading text with these eyes. What makes deciphering print easy? My hand-held LED magnifier.

I’m always on the lookout to simply my routines and devices though. I learned about the Visor – Low Vision App and why it was developed over on AppleVis. I figured for 99 cents, I would try the app which serves up mobile contrast and magnification.

The Visor – Low Vision App features as described on the iTunes product description:

2x, 3x, 5x, and 8x magnification; 3 viewing modes: standard full color, black on white with enhanced contrast, white on black with enhanced contrast;ability to enable the LED flash on iPhone and iPod touch.

I purchased the Visor – Low Vision app like any other app from the iTunes store. I gathered up some testing material: a bank statement, a glossy magazine, an ingredient label, my terrier…because, science.

Concentric circles in the shape of an eye for the Visor App icon: A black circle inside a red inside a yellow inside a blue all on a blakc background.
Visor – Low Vision app icon

The app is easy to master in a seconds. Large, color coded buttons control light, magnification, and contrast. I placed an object on my desk. I selected the white on black enhanced contrast mode and zoomed in. I tapped the screen twice to auto-focus on the text I wanted to read. Voila, readable print.

I preferred standard full color mode for full color layouts, but used the white on black with enhanced contrast mode for the bank statement and ingredient label. (My terrier looked painfully adorable in all modes.)

I still need to test the app out in public in restaurants and stores, but so far so good. I’m happy to use my phone yet again as an assistive device as well as eliminating the need to perhaps haul around both a magnifier and my phone. In short, I recommend the Visor – Low Vision app for anyone who benefits from magnification and contrast controls.

Do you use apps on your phone or tablet? Have you tried the Visor – Low Vision app or any other accessibility related apps? What do you think? Tell me about it.


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    i installed this on my iPad . do i need to install this on the phone? I like >

    1. I guess it depends on which device you will use the most. I installed the app on both the ipad and iphone, but plan on using it mostly on my phone for its compact, more portable size.

  2. Casee says:

    The Android platform has a number of magnifying apps. I seem to collect them the way others collect stamps. I find them to be quite useful. Many are ad supported so a person can try several and find the one or two that do the job for them. I use them on a regular basis and I think they offer up something everyone craves, independence and privacy. I think all adults want the opportunity to read things for themselves.

    1. Casee do you have a favorite magnification app?

      1. Casee says:

        Magnificent Magnifier HD is a good one. I always suggest downloading two or three and test out which one works best for your particular needs but there is no reason, unless you lack the space on your device not to have more than one at your disposal.

  3. Visor has more functionality than my video led magnifier. I’m going to have to see if it’s available on android. I’m currently using magnifier by app2u.

    1. Stephanae I read an android version is in the works.

  4. Joy says:

    I haven’t tried Visor yet….do you use yours in lieu of the hand-held magnifers? Have you tried, “Be My Eyes”?

    1. I use the app for more social/fun tasks that are not rushed as I’m still mastering the aim for structured reading — things in columns like a menu are easier to practice on. When I’m at work, I still use my hand magnifier for spot checks on documents, but the app is a great back up.
      I have not used the Be My Eyes app, but Audrey over at Seeing Possibilities did, here’s her take.

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