A Time for Tea

I listen mezmerized as the water flows into the silver tea kettle. The echoes within change from tinny to deep as more liquid fills the chamber. I turn off the faucet and turn on the stove, shifting my attention to which variety of tea I feel like today. 

 Americans prefer coffee, but plenty of us drink tea, too. Lately my life has been filled with extra events–some planned, others unexpected–and it reminds me to take breaks, to enjoy a respite. Drinking a cup of tea is a great way to enjoy the day. 

 It’s not easy to say no. I stare into the cabinet. Boxes and bags stare back. Berry Zinger. Sleepytime. Apricot. Chai. Original Liptons. My Irish breakfast and lemon ginger varieties sit at my office. Hmmm. Whichever I choose, others will be left on the shelf. 

 The kettle whistles, the terrier’s ears draw back. I grab a Liptons bag, an unconscious choice. The bag releases its flavor as it floats then sinks in the hot water. I feel the warmth of anticipated relaxation in the steam. Everything can wait for a few minutes. 

Do you drink tea? Iced vs hot? Do you have a favorite variety or brewing method? Tell me about it.


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  1. Modwyn says:

    I love tea, especially when it’s brewed hot in a kettle! My current favorites are Darjeeling, Earl Grey, and mint tea – though, like you, I have so many different varieties on the shelf.

    1. Darjeeling will be in my cart next time I buy tea.

  2. Casee says:

    I have just recently started drinking tea in order to slacken up on my coffee habit. On the advice of some blogs I have started with green tea and I purchased a box of Uncle Lee’s Organic Green Tea. I really like it and I take it without sugar which will save me some calories for sure. I have also ordered some Chai tea to give that a try later in the month.

  3. Joy says:

    Gosh, we have a lot in common…I’m a tea fanatic! Dangerously, I have TWO tea shops within 3 blocks of me….David’s Tea and Adagio Tea, both of which I frequent often. I prefer rooibus blends, especially vanilla and hazelnut, and I do mostly loose-leaf with a little contraption that strains tea over my mug. I do also like Teavana’s Passion Tea, which has a hint of papaya and mango.

    1. You are in the professional leagues of tea. Those kinds sound great–I wish there was a tea shop in walking distance in Mayberry.

  4. floridaborne says:

    Iced in summer, hot in winter, English Irish breakfast tea. Earl Grey decaf, Chai and pekoe, Camomille in hours wee. 🙂

    1. Can’t argue with those good choices.

  5. I could not get out of bed in the morning without a bug mug of Twinings English Breakast tea. Later in the day Darjeeling or Assam are my favourites. Flavoured teas don’t appeal to me as it seems a shame to spoil the taste of the natural leaves. However, each to her own! Life without tea would be the poorer and I am glad it smooths your day, Susan. Incidentally, we used to have a Pekinese dog who enjoyed a saucer of Unsweetened English Breakfast! Maybe the terriers would like to try it!

    1. I don’t think I’ve tasted Assam tea. Will add that to the list. And I bet my terriers will get a sip of tea courtesy of Aunt Bridget soon, ha! Is there a Welsh Breakfast tea? I will have to search for my welshies.

      1. Welsh tea? Of corse there is but I guess it tastes pretty much the same as Enflis Breakfast. Let me know what your gourmets think of it. Assam tea is up there with Darjeeling as my favourite teas. Quite similar.

    2. Just realized my beloved irish breakfast tea contains assam tea!

      1. Strong Irish tea and a bacon sandwich on a cold morning! Nothing better! Glad it contains Assam.

  6. Trisha says:

    I go through phases with tea – Earl Grey, ginger peach green tea, a black currant tea and some loose leaf Christmas tea I bought at a tea shop. I also love plain black tea with milk and sugar but I don’t drink it often. Hm, this post has me inspired to visit that tea shop again soon!

    1. So many good options in that tea rotation Trisha. My list grows…

  7. I drink more coffee than tea, but I enjoy chai, green tea (hot or iced), and Celestial Seasonings Cherry Berry tea. I am also low vision! Have a great day.

    Ronda Del Boccio

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ronda. I loved iced green tea in the summer.

  8. Reblogged this on Low Vision Hijinx! and commented:
    Here is another low vision individual who knows how to use and enjoy the senses!

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