Lines of Clothes

A pair of goggles, two stretchy swimsuits at practice for drag, one sleek team suit for meets.

T-shirt, rolled jean shorts, jellies, a scrunchy to gather frizzy hair, and the sit-upon crafted in Brownies for suburban patriotism.

No hands, covered toes, and cherry coke slushies for neighborhood bike rides.

No denim or shorts for church.

An old t-shirt and Umbros for the seasonal frustration of weeding Big G’s strawberry patch.

Gray shift dress, black flats, and large, dark sunglasses for grief.

Lemon juice in a spray bottle, sunscreen in a squeeze bottle, a towel slung over shoulders, and a J. Crew color-block tankini for the beach.

White polo and khaki shorts for a dave matthews band concert.

Red swimsuit, flip-flops, sunnies, a whistle to twirl, a cup of ice to chew and a bit of attitude for lifeguarding.

Black, long-sleeved tee with dark shorts, dark gray kicks, silence, and a roll ready to throw for toilet papering houses. (And maybe some ice if you run into a hammock stand in a backyard…)

A Boys and Girls Club staff shirt, athletic shorts, running shoes, patience, and the lifeguarding whistle for camp counselor duty.

Green halter dress of cotton, yellow flats and wildflowers for love.

Striped boat-neck tee, shorts, sneakers, sunnies, ear protection, monocular, folded white cane, swamp crack aka marshmallows, and adrenaline aboard the airboat for bayou gator touring.

Any outfit, bare feet, a terrier on the brick steps, and a glass of iced tea for Mayberry porch sitting.

What are your summer outfits?Two rows of folded clothes in an open drawer


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  1. On those hot, humid & hazy days – the least amount of material against my skin as possible without being trashy and I love taking advantage of gauzy, light, lacy materials.

    1. Humidity can ruin the best outfits.

      1. Yeah it can and it just makes me feel yucky.

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