A Summer Challenge

No tickets. No helmets. Lucky stampers, optional. It’s up to you, readers, when you play the summer game: book bingo.

One of my favorite pods, Books on the Nightstand (BOTNS), runs an annual reading challenge from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Randomly generated bingo cards guide players to explore new authors, genres and other types of books in order to land a line. Discover your  unique book bingo card here.

My book bingo card propped up by three books

The BOTNS Goodreads page hosts a forum where members comment on their bingo books and make book recommendations for tough categories. It’s fun. This summer challenge is right up my book nerd alley. Time to charge up my iPad and browse my library’s website for bingo-worthy eBooks and audiobooks.

Will you be printing off a BOTNS Book Bingo card? Do you like to read in the summer? What are you reading? Tell me about it.


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  1. ljbluto says:

    What a good idea for summer reading! I bet this could be used in book clubs, too! Thanks for sharing!

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