Two Welshies

Ulysses and Matilda, two welshies, sit and look at the cameraHello fantastic readers,

Thank goodness for speech-to-text, we can’t type with these fuzzy paws. Remember when Susan’s white cane took over Adventures in Low Vision to announce it had started tweeting from @SusansWhiteCane?

Well, guess what. We have an announcement, too. You will now be able to follow your two favorite terriorists on Instagram under the name @TwoWelshies.

Tails Up, Noses to the Ground.

~Ulysses & Matilda




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  1. Trisha says:

    What a fun idea! I will have to remember to follow if I decide to start an Instagram account. It would be fun to see what those two adorable little terriorists are up to.

    1. Your photos would be great on Instagram, Trisha.

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