Podcast Week: The Longest Shortest Time

A crying baby framed in yellow against a white background . The show title in black font and wnyc  red and white logo on bottom of picture.Are you a parent? If not, you’re a parent’s child. You’re probably friends with a few parents. You don’t need a parent card to enter the conversation of The Longest Shortest Time. I’m not a parent, but I like this pod. See what I mean?

  • Podcast: The Longest Shortest Time
  • Host: Hillary Frank
  • Episode frequency:  Twice a month
  • Episode length: Varies, about 20-30 min
  • Podcast category: Kids and Family
  • Podcast website: http://longestshortesttime.com/
  • Favorite episodes:

#54 When the Breadwinner Makes the Dough. Stay-at-home Dads are real.

#51 Real Teens, Fake Babies. Revisit high school. Get ready to be surprised.

#26 Blind Love. This episode features parents where one spouse has a visual impairment. It stirred up a lot of emotion for me as I’m not a parent, but I’m visually impaired and happily married.

Do you listen to The Longest Shortest Time? What is most memorable about babies and toddlers and kids? What makes a good parent? Tell me about it.





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