Podcast Week: A Few Good Listens

If you can’t get enough of podcasts, ahem like me, here’s where to find reliable recommendations for good listening.

  • Hot Pod. A weekly newsletter about podcasts and industry newsbits by Nick Quah. He used to be on the outside as a podcast fanatic, but now he works for Slate. Sign up for Hot Pod here.
  • YSLTF (“You Should Listen To’ Friday) sent weekly by 99% Innvisible’s Sam Greenspan about radio stories. Sign up here for YSLTF.
  • The Podcast Broadcast. A weekly newsletter filled with recommendations by Brittany Jezouit. Sigh up for The Podcast Broadcast here.
  • Adolescence is a Marketing Tool. A weekly newsletter with pod recs by Sara Weber. Sigh up for the newsletter here.
  • Hodgepod. Delivered every Friday from WNYC’s James Ramsay, filled with a selection of great episodes to check out. Sign up for Hodgepod here.

Also, I enjoy reading Postmortem over at the website The Timbre for their weekly roundup of great listens.

Do you listen to podcasts? How do you find new programs to listen to? Tell me about it.

We have come to the end of Podcast Week here on Adventures in Low Vision. I’m leaving you with this treasure trove of podcast recs to listen to while I head off to the coast for some time by the sea. I hope you are all taking a break for some fun in the sun (or the shade) this summer, too.



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